Sinepearl Interview

Sinepearl Interview

When / how did you start making music? Let us know about your journey up to this point...

At the age of eleven I got my first computer and immediately got hooked on tracker programs. The first years I mostly made drum'n bass, but also some beats and dance music. Looking back I can see that I loved pads from the beginning... As time passed, new perspectives, music, fractal experiences and mystical insights changed the sounds and shifted the places from which the inspiration was channeled. For many years the music that came through was based on beats and melody. Some day when I have too much time I might put up a free download page for those songs. There's a couple of hundred of them! More reverb and soundscaping has entered these last 10 years as the mind got calmer and more spacious. The pads became more dominant and the beats are now softer and even rare. As i matured as a musician people started to encourage me to release and get it out... And in 2010 or so Matt Hillier heard some songs on myspace and wanted to make a release on Virtual World Records. That was of course an honor and a great joy since his music feels like home beyond this planet, and has opened many creative doors for me. This was also when my focus shifted and releasing became a part of giving birth to music. I spent one winter in Norway finishing that first album. Now a third album is being released on Interchill Records and a fourth is just about done, and I'm happy to see that the sinepearls are spreading and being heard. There are always new horizons for what I want to create and for what i see is posible to do, but I'm so pleased with and greatfull for this new album, Cycles Within Cycles Within. And Interchill Records feels like great soil for this music.

Where do you live - and how do you fill your time?

I live in an intentional eco-community on the countryside outside Göteborg in Sweden. Here I work as a therapist using acupuncture and other therapeutical forms. Veggie farming is something else I enjoy and spend alot of time doing. Music and relations does of course get alot of attention as well. My tea-consumption is high.

If you could meet/spend time with any musician alive or past, who would they be and why?

Mozart seems to have been a nutty character... Like many geniuses? It might be nice or at least interesting to hang out with him for a while and get a feel for his perspective on things and where his music came from. Another musician i have alot of respect for is Björk. Her music feels uncompromising, direct and "true". Spending time with her is high up on the list. Björks album Verspertine is such a creative pearl and one of my favourites for all genres.

What is your process of composition?

Listening is my process. Listening and then reflecting what has been "heard" into sound. It can mean that I listen to a field recording and the silence behind or inside the sounds will reveal inspiration.. And that inspiration then gets interpreted as sounds or music. It can also mean that I'm just playing around testing sounds and then one sound will open up and appear to have other sounds surrounding it. It could be a whole song or just some small detail. But yeah, that's what happens, one sound or recording opens a channel and triggers a kind of hearing of what is surrounding it. Or could be surrounding it. Something like that!?

Do I do any field recordings -If so where from?

Yes and I usually record the nature were I live. The streams, the birds, the lake, the trees and the insects. You can hear alot of birds in Cycles Within Cycles Within. I will repay them with food during the long winter. I have also recieved some recordings from travelling friends. One example of that are the crickets and frogs in the song Ceremonial Tea. It was recorded by a friend traveling around in South America. I also make simple recordisngs of percussions and other instruments like flutes and strings.

If you had to name 5 albums that have been influential to you, or couldn't do without then what would they be?

A very difficult question! But ok, here are some albums that I've enjoyed alot and for several years. In random order: Björk – Vespertine, Shpongle – Tales of the Inexpressible, Ishq – Magik Square of the Sun, Aphex Twin – Come to Daddy, Omnimotion – Waveform. I also listen to my own music alot.

You are playing at Boom 2014 -have you been there before? What festivals have impressed you the most and why?

My gig at Boom 2014 will be the first visit to this festival. But from what people have said about it I believe my music will fit very well into that atmosphere. Psychedelic permaculture! One festival I really enjoyed was Ozora. Back in 2008 when it still had a feeling of an intimate forest party in Värmland, Sweden. Even though there were several thousand visitors.

What is music to you? How would you describe it?

Maybe music and frequencies are like keys or like carriers of intentions and visions. Different inspirational sources opens us up for different experiences. But the way it is perceived and received is of course a composition of relations... From inspirational source to listener, from listener to her own mind to speakers to 10.000 other simultaneous relations. Music can be medicine but it can also take us deeper into disharmony and unhealthy states. I would like to say also that music is a creator of worlds through the listeners imagination, astral tentacles and later actions. So we better make beautiful music with loving intentions!