About us

Interchill started as a label in Montreal in 1996, having established a name in the chill out rooms of the emerging Montreal music scene.  We originally released Canadian downtempo music because we figured with the long winters here there must be all kinds of hidden creative talent beavering away...and we were right.   This then broadened to releasing music from artists all around the world.  We built our sound by releasing compilations and these were curated at various points by Andrew, Gordon, Nick, Nathalie, Neerav and Naasko.   Most of the artist albums that we've gone on to release are from artists who have had tracks on our compilations.   In 2004 Andrew formed Mariko Music Publishing in order to boost licensing potential for our releases.  The label is based in beautiful Salt Spring Island, BC.  We give thanks for the opportunity to have worked with so many outstanding artists.


Please give some details about your project including track[s] requested, the type of license[s] you seek, your deadline, budget and if you need a new master sent or uploaded.



Please order via www.interchill.bandcamp.com ... Order the cd and get the download right away...

For wholesale orders please get in touch!


Interchill's network of label artists, dj's and vj's is deep and broad. Please tell us about your event and who you are interested in booking. Please include the date, location, budget, confirmed line-up and any other info you wish. We will forward your request and make suggestions as appropriate.

music submissions

Our release schedule is generally booked up 12 months in advance and it is rare that we take on new projects.  If you have music that we should hear then get in touch and send a link to a small selection of the strongest material.

honour roll

We have made it this far and for this long in part because of the talent, love and contributions from a long list of people...  all united by a love of good music...

Ceridwen, Naasko, Nick and Nat, Gordon, Piers, Arnaud, Raymond, Neerav, Adham, Razza and Alisa, Martin, Robin, Dovla, Dominic, Christian, Aris, Sijay, Lex and Rew, Russ, Nick Tripswitch, Sirbassa, Diego, Suzanna, Yvon, Eiji, Ott and Zoe, Risa, Kathryn, Chris, Delvin, Seb and Natasha, Noah, Gaudi, Justin, Sean Leonard, Nils, Giuliano, Mateo, Neil, James, Ali, Gus and Cozi, Matt, Lawrence, Darrell, Emiko, Gio Makyo, Neil, Colin, Molara, Dave, Chonka, Androo, Ravin, Yves, Wadada, Dave O'Rama, Medicineman, Richard and Mary, Elliot, Shankar, Angela, Paul J., Oscar, and Dee.