New albums on the horizon

New albums on the horizon

Naasko is putting together a compilation and Eat Static and Greg Hunter are in the schedule for the end of 2015

Naasko's compilation will be an exploration of deep dubs where depth, bass and subtlety come together. The dub element in music has long been a strong influence for us here, and this compilation will be a nod to the present and future of this ever-evolving sound. Release date for this summertime selection is set for early June 2015.

We've long been a fan of Greg Hunter's work and have released a number of his remixes, collaborations and tracks on compilations. Talk of doing an album together has bubbled up a few times over the years and now firmer plans have been made.  

Merv has been hard at work on his opus 20th anniversary double release for Eat Static, which he is going to release himself.  Along the way he's accumulated a number of ideas, as well as a monstrous Eurorack analogue synth and we're lucky that he's planning a follow up release with us for the end of the year. Expect the unexpected...  and something more electronic than Back to Earth.

Stay tuned for more details on these upcoming releases.