Interchill Independent: consulting and artist services

Interchill has gotten tired of turning away artists with great music looking for album deals. Our release schedule is set so far ahead of the present moment and artists are usually unwilling to wait for a slot to open up. In addition, we are also seeing increasing numbers of artists who are looking to release their own music, making use of the many means available to do so while retaining control over their rights and decisions that have a financial element to them.  

We've responded to this situation by developing a consulting and artist services division in which we're able to give some focussed label expertise and useful solutions to artists to help them achieve their short term goals and set plans for the year ahead. We're also available to work for artists as a behind-the-scenes office, which is helpful if competing deadlines are looming.

Andrew and Naasko work on this together, so you get our combined experience as well as access to our extensive network of industry contacts. If you're interested to know more about our new platform then get in touch!