Zero Gravity reviews

Zero Gravity reviews

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So much talent on this superb comp.  -  Pathaan

When I get a new compilation from Interchill, I always know that the quality is going to be consistently excellent & that I am going to make some wonderful new, musical discoveries. Zero Gravity is no exception. This is cutting edge, state of the art, psychedelic ambient music which shows how diverse and dynamic the genre is right now.
Bob Duskis/ Co-Founder Six Degrees Records

A sound bath for the senses, and a much needed slow down into spacious contemplation and movement. - Richard Martin : Medicine Man / CUIT 89.5 fm

What an excellent collection! The range of atmospheres run from deep and drifty through lush, magical soundscapes and snaky alien vibes to moments of pure jewelry-box ballerina. My top half-dozen picks include the ones from Adham Shaikh, Atmosphere Factory, Krusseldorf, Liquid Bloom, Master Margherita and the trip opener, Orangenie. Deeply emotional & inspirational music, a pleasure to hear! A couple tracks from the Zero Gravity will be featured on a new show coming on Beat Conscious Radio      - MadameFly

A fantastic compilation, with lots of deepest ambient and chillout tracks, great listening flow and top quality productions! My fav tracks are by Loop Guru, Eat Static and by The Egg. -  Gabriel Le Mar / Saafi Brothers

An unmissable collection of euphoric and deeply psychedelic classic chill tracks many of them sounding like bench mark production from earlier times. Treat yourself with listening pleasure.  - Ali Elias / DJ Aliji

It’s a fantastic release ! Sort of back to the roots of Interchill !! Truly timeless .. especially CD1 is seamless.   - Supercozi

Very much a head album, less for the soul and more for the head. This has a lovely old school feel to it, where the journey you take is exploratory and dark, but peaceful at the same time.
A soundscape for the mind, that is edgy enough to keep your interest up, so easy to lose yourselves in the voids between the multiple layers of sonic goodness. Crossing multiple styles and heavy on both synth as well as eastern style instruments. Stand out tracks are Behind the Sky, Intertwined (notes of Vangelis which is no bad thing), Forgiven and Sakura. A peaceful masterpiece, which you would expect no less from the Interchill label.   - Charles Massey / Perpetual Loop

Awesome compilation.. have already played some tracks out . Some real blinders in there. Some great names in chillout and some new discoveries for me.  -  DF Tram

So the new VA. "Zero Gravity" via Interchill Records has landed and what a sublime collection of tracks that are presented… 21 in total featuring artists who have previously have released tracks and albums via Interchill, while some are new to the label and have been asked to produce a track for this VA. This is almost like a who’s who of downtempo producers with beautifully produced tracks from Adham Shaikh, Kaya Project, Eat Static, Ishq, Bluetech, Krusseldorf, Organismic, Waveshaper, Liquid Bloom, Master Margherita and so very much more to discover and explore… plus a vintage classic from Loop Guru all masterfully curated by Andrew Interchill. The tracks range in style from ethno infused beats to crafted electronica, spatial beatless ambience to bass laden rhythms and all filled with so much quality and diversity, that it is hard to find a favourite track or tracks… It is exactly what you’d come to expect from Interchill Records, top notch production and a choice selection of tracks for folks like us to enjoy time and again. As ever with Interchill, this is an album that you will return to when you need the space around you chilled to perfection and for to you to sink into sonically comfortable realms… A stand out release for 2018, for me, one that will get some heavy rotation from me.  - Ian Liquid Lounge