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Sinepearl Interview

Andrew / February 04 2014

Sinepearl Interview

When / how did you start making music? Let us know about your journey up to this point...

At the age of eleven I got my first computer and immediately got hooked on tracker programs. The first years I mostly made drum'n bass, but also some beats and dance music. Looking back I can see that...

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Andrew / February 04 2012

Interchill Independent: consulting and artist services

Interchill has gotten tired of turning away artists with great music looking for album deals. Our release schedule is set so far ahead of the present moment and artists are usually unwilling to wait for a slot to open up. In addition, we are also seeing increasing numbers of artists who are...

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Andrew / October 15 2009

In depth with liquid stranger

as a lead-in to the launch of the forthcoming album, the intergalactic slapstick, we present an up close interview with the multi-faceted producer known as liquid stranger.

what is your musical background?

i started playing piano at a tender age and did classical piano concerts...

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Interchill celebrates 40 years of exceptional and groundbreaking music from @sunsofarqa with the compilation Heart… twitter.com/i/web/status/1…

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Next up on Interchill is Suns of Arqa - Heart of the Suns 1979♡2019 Release date end of April

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New Interchill compilation Zero Gravity out June 8th. 21 tracks, double cd - music to travel with. listen and explo… twitter.com/i/web/status/9…

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